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🥗 Sides

S1. Chilled Noodles

sweet soy, chili oil, sesame, scallion


S2. Housemade Kimchi

korean chili flakes, fish sauce, daikon


S3. Torched Edamame

tamari, sesame


S4. Marinated Eggplant

sesame vinaigrette


S5. Sides Platter

chilled noodles, torched edamame, kimchi, marinated eggplant


🍑 Buns

B1. 8hr Slow-Roasted Pork Belly Buns 2pcs

steamed bun, roasted garlic pâté aioli, cilantro, sweet pickled radish, lettuce


B2. Braised Ox-Tongue Buns 2pcs

steamed bun, chinese black vinegar mayo, pickled cucumber, taro sticks, lettuce


B3. Fried Chicken Pineapple Bun Bo Lo Bao

koji marinated fried chicken, pickled cucumbers, maple sesame chili oil, lettuce


B4. Chinese Buns 3pcs

steamed/fried, sweet condensed milk


🥟 Dumplings

D1. Yeh's Dumplings Original Recipe 6pcs

pan-fried, 24hr marinated lean pork, shrimp, onions, chives


D2. Yeh's Dumplings Lobster and Seafood 6pcs

pan-fried, 24hr brined fresh canadian lobster, gourmet mayo, water chestnuts, marinated shrimp, green onions, homemade xo sauce


D3. Yeh's Dumplings Curry 6pcs

24 hour marinated ground sirloin beef, potatoes, peas, onions, blend of Indian spices


D4. Yeh's Dumplings Vegetarian 6pcs

8 blended medley of fresh vegetables, mixed with garlic and ginger


🥦 Veggies

V1. Spicy Buldak Cabbage Medley

red + green + napa cabbage, buldak sauce, pork floss, cripsy chinese dough, sesame


V2. Wok-Tossed Miso Eggplant

miso + black bean sauce, cabbage, ginger, roasted garlic, thai basil, shrimp chips


V3. Azyun Special Edamame Spring Roll 3pcs

creamed edamame, grana padano cheese, tahini + maple dip


🥩 Meat

M1. Por Por's Taro Puffed Duck Leg

sous-vide marinated duck leg, parsnip puree, taro mash, black tea cola glaze


M2. 24hr Satay Oxtail

12oz sous-vide marinated oxtail, peanut satay sauce, crispy potatoes, cilantro crema


M3. Grilled Marinated Angus Beef Tenderloin

habanero lime marinated, soy + tahini spread, pickled fall vegetables, lettuce


M4. Azyun Buttermilk Fried Chicken

two-day marinated, house kimchi, habanero hot sauce, spice blend


M5. Pho-Spiced Beef Tartare

shallot, ginger, scallion, tamari, sriracha hoisin dressing, crispy rice paper, lime


🦐 Seafood

SF1. Smoked Ponzu Torched Mackerel

smoked onion ponzu, pickled red onions, grilled citrus, crispy vermicelli, crispy onions


SF2. Soft Shell Crab Laksa Curry

cherry tomatoes, crispy potatoes, cilantro, housemade bun


🍚 Rice

R1. Truffle Fried Rice

mushroom medley, blistered cherry tomatoes, crispy shallots, soft-poached egg


R2. Cherry BBQ Pork Belly + Garlic Fried Rice

glazed pork belly, garlic crisps, kecap manis, sunny side-up egg


R3. Tornado Egg Kimchi Fried Rice

house kimchi, ginger scallion, seaweed, pork floss


R4. Garlic Fried Rice


R5. Seafood Paella

saffron sushi rice, scallops, clams, uni butter, conch, nori, tuna floss


R6. Steamed Rice

fragrant jasmine rice


🍺 Beer (Sold with food)

G1. Sapporo | Premium Japanese Lager

*Must order with food

500ml can


G2. Asahi Dry | Asian Lager

*Must order with food

330ml bottle


G3. Kagua Rouge | Full-Bodied Belgian-Style Ale

*Must order with food

330ml bottle


🎁 Gift Certificate

G1. $25 Gift Certificate

If you order over $100 in total, we will give you an extra $15 Gift Certificate!


G2. $50 Gift Certificate

If you order over $100 in total, we will give you an extra $15 Gift Certificate!


G3. $75 Gift Cerfiticate

If you order over $100 in total, we will give you an extra $15 Gift Certificate!


G4. $100 Gift Certificate

If you order over $100 in total, we will give you an extra $15 Gift Certificate!

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